The GDS is a valuable revenue channel that has the potential to increase both leisure and corporate bookings for a hotel. Many hoteliers in today’s digital market, incorrectly assume that GDS production is on the decline. The reality is that GDS revenues continue to show year-on-year growth with record numbers of new agents entering the market annually.

It is critically important for hoteliers to understand how their hotels are positioned on the GDS, to keep up-to-date hotel information available to travel agents and to manage the channel on a daily basis.  A misguided GDS listing will result in missed revenue opportunities for the hotel.

TREVPAR World Distribution will analyse your listing on the GDS system itself and give you recommendations on areas for improvement.  We share our results openly and spend quality time with your hotel team to optimise your presence and ensure content rich and accurate profiling.  The result is a highly optimized listing that will put you one step closer to achieving your maximum potential and ROI through the GDS.

Take advantage of our GDS Audit Service, see your listing first-hand and anjoy the assurance that your revenue opportunity through this channel is optimized.