SynXis Voice Agent empowers the central reservations solution you choose to confidently service inbound guests requests and requirements.  Voice Agent allows for the integration of a detailed revenue strategy without requiring use of disparate systems resulting in up to 50% reduction in processing and administration time versus a typical property management system (PMS) workflow.

Typically, call centre agents for hotels struggle to keep up with the information requested or lack up-to-date insights into guest history, loyalty status, and guest profiling that are critical to convert shoppers into booked inventory.  SynXis Voice Agent enhances the call centre experience for guests and equips agents with tools that go beyond standard search and book functionality. These drastically improve conversion ratios while reducing administrative time for call centre agents.

Should you be in the market for a central reservations service, please contact us to find out how we can service your needs at affordable costs using our expanse of reservation management expertise.